01 Mar 2015

The Wrong Kind of Sinophobia

To Chinese millionaires, who casually spend millions solely on their children’s tutoring, earning mediocre profit over some piece of vacation resort is nothing.

24 Feb 2015

Surviving the New Year’s Family Reunion

The art of satire naturally spawned out of this gloomy daily reality of our underemployed, financially squeezed young generation

03 Feb 2015

The Satori and Jang Geu-Rae

Named after hit television show’s protagonist, the Jang Geu-Rae generation represents young Koreans in their twenties and early thirties who find it extremely difficult to get full-time jobs.

29 Jan 2015

Can China Money Beat the Jews?

Let us compare and contrast the styles of the Chinese and Jewish capitalists in championing the neoliberal dystopia.

23 Jan 2015

Japan and Korea’s Perception Gap on China

The Japanese are not afraid of China. They do not share the historical memories of the Koreans, whose kings named themselves after the letter ‘loyalty’ and knelt before the Mongols.

16 Jan 2015

샤를리 에브도 만화가들과 일본

“카넬 紙도 100년이 넘도록 광고를 일체 싣지 않아요. 구독료 만으로 살아가는 매체지요. 요즘 세상에 언론에 있어 가장 문제는, 권력에 의한 억압보다 후원에 의한 억압이잖아요.”