30 Jun 2017

Japanese Cash Conversion App On Fire

A new-born Japanese FinTech app is on fire due to its controversial nature as a money lending service in disguise.

25 Jun 2015

일본 주택들의 반항

일본의 현대 주거건축은 급진적이고 실험적인 성향으로 유명하다. 건축가 앨러스터 타운센드에 의하면, 젊은 건축가들의 창의력만큼이나 이 나라의 기형적 부동산 경제에도 원인이 있다.

02 Apr 2015

Revisiting Lee Kuan Yew’s Legacy via Healthcare

The ideology of those who support the Singaporean economic model goes in parallel with the mammonist zeitgeist: that money, sluicing through giant casinos for rich foreigners and Marina Bay Sands, is the ultimate answer.

The People’s Health Institute 0
01 Mar 2015

The Wrong Kind of Sinophobia

To Chinese millionaires, who casually spend millions solely on their children’s tutoring, earning mediocre profit over some piece of vacation resort is nothing.

15 Feb 2015

Taishang and Taiwan’s 2016 Election

The Taishang and ordinary Taiwanese citizen face similar voting dilemmas: which type of candidates will produce the most favorable future for Taiwan?

29 Jan 2015

Can China Money Beat the Jews?

Let us compare and contrast the styles of the Chinese and Jewish capitalists in championing the neoliberal dystopia.