23 Jan 2015

Japan and Korea’s Perception Gap on China

The Japanese are not afraid of China. They do not share the historical memories of the Koreans, whose kings named themselves after the letter ‘loyalty’ and knelt before the Mongols.

12 Dec 2014

‘아시아로 회기’를 전복할 중・러

러시아와 중국 자본이 인도네시아 군부의 자원전략에 협조해들어간다면, 서구 기업들은 물론, 오바마의 ‘회기’는 발 둘 곳이 없어질 것이다.

28 Nov 2014

Uber-sensitive Seoul

The innovation itself is inherently harmless, but our cities may not exactly be prepared to smoothly translate it into a positive service for the good of larger public.

08 Nov 2014

Head to Head Over Shale Gas

Korea, one of the world’s biggest buyers of gas, was paying some of the highest prices for it. To make matters worse, electricity consumption is expected to nearly double by 2035

30 Oct 2014

Risking Hong KongㅡTo Whose Cost?

This is a bigger fight, against those who downplay our democratic endeavors and ideals in place of supposedly more solid and real economic priorities.

21 Oct 2014

홍콩리스크는 누구의 몫인가

경제력이란 양날의 검이며, 동아시아는 중동처럼 허구한 날 폭탄이 터져 시민들이 죽고 나라가 무너져도 일상인 그런 지역이 아니다.