06 Jul 2014

서울: 차세대 가상 전장(戰場)

뉴욕과 워싱턴이 외계인의 비행접시로 불타고 도쿄가 고질라에게 짓밟히는 장면은 수없이 보았지만, 차세대 대재앙이 불어닥칠 도시는 다름아닌 대한민국의 수도, 서울일 것이다.

21 May 2014

Becoming a Middle-Class Korean Who Savors Women’s Literature

Being a middle-class equates to being confident in yourself. What we need is confidence: a sensible confidence that I am who I am, and my children are no other’s but mine.

27 Apr 2014

A Tale of Two Courts

While courts certainly must have the right to give orders to their own governments and businesses, does the New York District Court really have authority over another sovereign nation?