28 Sep 2014

한국과 피케티

‘정치’의 세계와 ‘경제’가 순수히 별개의 실체라고, 또는 별개여야 한다고 믿는 신조야 말로 지극히 순진하고 나이브하다. 이 세상에 인간사회가 돌아가는 한 ‘정치적’이지 않은 것은 없다.

07 Aug 2014

The Brain Masters

They are getting richer, smarter, and manipulativeㅡand they say it is alright. That’s just how your damn brain functions.

21 May 2014

Becoming a Middle-Class Korean Who Savors Women’s Literature

Being a middle-class equates to being confident in yourself. What we need is confidence: a sensible confidence that I am who I am, and my children are no other’s but mine.