25 Mar 2015

신(新)국화와 칼

일본은 이스라엘이 해온 역할을 해내고 있다. 유사시 중국과 충돌 때 미국의 근육을 빌릴 요양도 있지만, 인위적 긴장상태에서 나오는 거대한 경제적 낙수효과와, 무역 및 투자정책을 유리하게 재구성하기 위해서다.

07 Mar 2015

This Is Where Wendy Sherman Got It Wrong

Koreans find it oddㅡ How could the U.S-Korea alliance, a comradery bonded by blood they shed together in the Korean War, possibly be secondary to the U.S-Japan alliance, which is between sworn ex-enemies?

15 Feb 2015

Taishang and Taiwan’s 2016 Election

The Taishang and ordinary Taiwanese citizen face similar voting dilemmas: which type of candidates will produce the most favorable future for Taiwan?

23 Jan 2015

Japan and Korea’s Perception Gap on China

The Japanese are not afraid of China. They do not share the historical memories of the Koreans, whose kings named themselves after the letter ‘loyalty’ and knelt before the Mongols.

12 Dec 2014

‘아시아로 회기’를 전복할 중・러

러시아와 중국 자본이 인도네시아 군부의 자원전략에 협조해들어간다면, 서구 기업들은 물론, 오바마의 ‘회기’는 발 둘 곳이 없어질 것이다.

30 Oct 2014

Risking Hong KongㅡTo Whose Cost?

This is a bigger fight, against those who downplay our democratic endeavors and ideals in place of supposedly more solid and real economic priorities.