10 Jun 2014

Who is being really ‘amai’?

Am I expecting too much from the Korean government? considering its intelligence on North Korea is helplessly dependent on civilian sources such as Kyodo News and satellite images by John’s Hopkins.

04 Jun 2014

정말 ‘아마이’ 한 것은 누구인가

과연 외교부는 이런 국가간의 맞물린 이해관계와 동향에 대해 얼마나 분석하고 있었을까? 번지르르하고 별다른 성과없는 쇼에 열을 올리는 동안, 일본과 북한, 그리고 미중이 물밑에서 어떤 합종연횡을 하고 있을지, 생각만해도 불안하다.

21 May 2014

Becoming a Middle-Class Korean Who Savors Women’s Literature

Being a middle-class equates to being confident in yourself. What we need is confidence: a sensible confidence that I am who I am, and my children are no other’s but mine.

06 May 2014

The Wrong Target for the Sewol Incident

So let us call off this culture-blaming nonsense already, for it is neither plausible nor pleasant to hear anymore. And please stop targeting poor Confucius for this as well.

27 Apr 2014

A Tale of Two Courts

While courts certainly must have the right to give orders to their own governments and businesses, does the New York District Court really have authority over another sovereign nation?