25 Jun 2015

일본 주택들의 반항

일본의 현대 주거건축은 급진적이고 실험적인 성향으로 유명하다. 건축가 앨러스터 타운센드에 의하면, 젊은 건축가들의 창의력만큼이나 이 나라의 기형적 부동산 경제에도 원인이 있다.

03 Feb 2015

The Satori and Jang Geu-Rae

Named after hit television show’s protagonist, the Jang Geu-Rae generation represents young Koreans in their twenties and early thirties who find it extremely difficult to get full-time jobs.

30 Aug 2014

The Japanese Labor Market Is Changing

“What Korea should really pay attention toㅡgiven that it is scoring the highest among the OECD members in terms of work hours, suicide rates, low fertility rates, and elderly poverty ㅡ is Japan’s latest policy to maximize labor power.”