07 Mar 2015

This Is Where Wendy Sherman Got It Wrong

Koreans find it oddㅡ How could the U.S-Korea alliance, a comradery bonded by blood they shed together in the Korean War, possibly be secondary to the U.S-Japan alliance, which is between sworn ex-enemies?

01 Mar 2015

The Wrong Kind of Sinophobia

To Chinese millionaires, who casually spend millions solely on their children’s tutoring, earning mediocre profit over some piece of vacation resort is nothing.

29 Jan 2015

Can China Money Beat the Jews?

Let us compare and contrast the styles of the Chinese and Jewish capitalists in championing the neoliberal dystopia.

23 Jan 2015

Japan and Korea’s Perception Gap on China

The Japanese are not afraid of China. They do not share the historical memories of the Koreans, whose kings named themselves after the letter ‘loyalty’ and knelt before the Mongols.

18 Nov 2014

선(先)다이어트, 후(後)한류

세련되며 독립적인 여성상을 구현하는데 큰 몫을 하는 한국 패션이 중화권 여성들에게 더 날씬하고 슬림한 몸매를 만들도록 압박감을 주고 있다는 점은 한편 아이러니하다.

Merketl and Putin
11 Aug 2014

How very understanding of you too, the Economist

The “German ambivalence” is not a disastrous state of being “totally without a strategic sense.” It is quite the opposite.