29 Jan 2015

Can China Money Beat the Jews?

Let us compare and contrast the styles of the Chinese and Jewish capitalists in championing the neoliberal dystopia.

03 Jan 2015

“광대를 끌어들인 것은 누구의 뜻이었습니까?”

희화를, 유머를 도무지 참지를 못하는 얄팍하디 얄팍한 졸렬함. 과연 김정은 만의 문제는 아니지 않나?

09 Aug 2014

Korean style in Taipei: get slender first

Do you want to look fashionable in a “Korean” way? You’d better get slender first.

24 Jul 2014

In defense of Korea, and beyond the reverse-racism frustration

I sincerely wish to be your friend from a better version of Korea, which I firmly believe that it is becoming one. So I ask for more trust in this country, not all-too-common criticisms on the worse version of it.

20 Jul 2014

싼 맛과 밥맛

이렇게 우리 쌀을 겉으로 소중하게 여겨봤자 밥은 ‘밥맛’일 뿐이고, 우리 입맛은 싼 맛에 익숙할 뿐인데 뭘 그리 소란인지 모르겠다.

05 Jun 2014

Taiwan & Singapore 2013

“So you traveled through all those sunny tropical countries,” grumbled mom, “and all you bring back is Tintin?” If I may defend myself here, that is not true.