02 Apr 2015

Revisiting Lee Kuan Yew’s Legacy via Healthcare

The ideology of those who support the Singaporean economic model goes in parallel with the mammonist zeitgeist: that money, sluicing through giant casinos for rich foreigners and Marina Bay Sands, is the ultimate answer.

The People’s Health Institute 0
30 Oct 2014

Risking Hong KongㅡTo Whose Cost?

This is a bigger fight, against those who downplay our democratic endeavors and ideals in place of supposedly more solid and real economic priorities.

21 Oct 2014

홍콩리스크는 누구의 몫인가

경제력이란 양날의 검이며, 동아시아는 중동처럼 허구한 날 폭탄이 터져 시민들이 죽고 나라가 무너져도 일상인 그런 지역이 아니다.

22 Aug 2014

유림의 한계

결론적으로 현대 대한민국이 고질적으로 앓고 있는 사회적, 정치적 진통은 “정체성 위기”가 아니라 서로 근본적으로 위배되는 가치관들을 깊히 고려하지 않고 어느 쪽도 포기 못하겠다며 억지로 껴안으려 떼를 쓴 결과다. 평등하고 자율적인 시민의식, 법치와 준법정신을 이해하지 못하면서 민주주의는 누리겠다니, 턱도 없는 억지가 아닐 수 없다

24 Jul 2014

In defense of Korea, and beyond the reverse-racism frustration

I sincerely wish to be your friend from a better version of Korea, which I firmly believe that it is becoming one. So I ask for more trust in this country, not all-too-common criticisms on the worse version of it.

21 May 2014

Becoming a Middle-Class Korean Who Savors Women’s Literature

Being a middle-class equates to being confident in yourself. What we need is confidence: a sensible confidence that I am who I am, and my children are no other’s but mine.