24 Feb 2015

Surviving the New Year’s Family Reunion

The art of satire naturally spawned out of this gloomy daily reality of our underemployed, financially squeezed young generation

04 Dec 2014

Self-help Instructions in the Age of Stagflation

Korea has become a lethal red ocean, and to survive, we need the wisdom of exitingㅡExiting this success-obsessed cycle of competition for our own good.

21 May 2014

Becoming a Middle-Class Korean Who Savors Women’s Literature

Being a middle-class equates to being confident in yourself. What we need is confidence: a sensible confidence that I am who I am, and my children are no other’s but mine.

18 May 2014

여류문학을 즐기는 중산층이 되고싶다.

번 돈은 모두 사교육시장 자본들에게 털리고, 부모는 주저앉고, 자식들은 이 모습에 오히려 짜증과 분노를 내면서 스스로를 망치는 악순환. 어서 이 악순환의 고리를 끊어야 한다. 바로 ‘자신감’ 이 필요하다. 나는 나이고 내 자식은 내 자식이라는.