30 Jun 2017

Japanese Cash Conversion App On Fire

A new-born Japanese FinTech app is on fire due to its controversial nature as a money lending service in disguise.

25 Mar 2015

신(新)국화와 칼

일본은 이스라엘이 해온 역할을 해내고 있다. 유사시 중국과 충돌 때 미국의 근육을 빌릴 요양도 있지만, 인위적 긴장상태에서 나오는 거대한 경제적 낙수효과와, 무역 및 투자정책을 유리하게 재구성하기 위해서다.

03 Feb 2015

The Satori and Jang Geu-Rae

Named after hit television show’s protagonist, the Jang Geu-Rae generation represents young Koreans in their twenties and early thirties who find it extremely difficult to get full-time jobs.

16 Jan 2015

샤를리 에브도 만화가들과 일본

“카넬 紙도 100년이 넘도록 광고를 일체 싣지 않아요. 구독료 만으로 살아가는 매체지요. 요즘 세상에 언론에 있어 가장 문제는, 권력에 의한 억압보다 후원에 의한 억압이잖아요.”

28 Nov 2014

Uber-sensitive Seoul

The innovation itself is inherently harmless, but our cities may not exactly be prepared to smoothly translate it into a positive service for the good of larger public.

08 Nov 2014

Head to Head Over Shale Gas

Korea, one of the world’s biggest buyers of gas, was paying some of the highest prices for it. To make matters worse, electricity consumption is expected to nearly double by 2035