02 Apr 2015

Revisiting Lee Kuan Yew’s Legacy via Healthcare

The ideology of those who support the Singaporean economic model goes in parallel with the mammonist zeitgeist: that money, sluicing through giant casinos for rich foreigners and Marina Bay Sands, is the ultimate answer.

The People’s Health Institute 0
21 Oct 2014

홍콩리스크는 누구의 몫인가

경제력이란 양날의 검이며, 동아시아는 중동처럼 허구한 날 폭탄이 터져 시민들이 죽고 나라가 무너져도 일상인 그런 지역이 아니다.

01 Oct 2014

It’s All About the Population

Every day, the elderlies are preparing for a real exodus, not just from Seoul, but the mortal world itself. At this rate, empty Seoul might as well be bought out by posh young Chinese people.

04 Aug 2014

타이완 & 싱가포르 2013

"그래서, 그 남국의 나라들을 돌고 가져왔다는게 겨우 땡땡이니?" 카야잼을 받지 못한 어머니가 실망스럽다는 투로 말했다. 음, 굳이 변명하자면 그건 사실이 아니다.

11 Jul 2014

Seoul, the Next Fictional Battlefield

Now the US wants to “pivot” back to Asia. Sorry, but Asia has changed during your absence.

05 Jun 2014

Taiwan & Singapore 2013

“So you traveled through all those sunny tropical countries,” grumbled mom, “and all you bring back is Tintin?” If I may defend myself here, that is not true.