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Merketl and Putin
11 Aug 2014

How very understanding of you too, the Economist

The “German ambivalence” is not a disastrous state of being “totally without a strategic sense.” It is quite the opposite.

09 Aug 2014

Korean style in Taipei: get slender first

Do you want to look fashionable in a “Korean” way? You’d better get slender first.

07 Aug 2014

The Brain Masters

They are getting richer, smarter, and manipulativeㅡand they say it is alright. That’s just how your damn brain functions.

01 Aug 2014

The Ambiguity of Legitimate Self-Defense

The idea of self-defense itself is an inalienable one; but I am doubtful of how fair it can be when there is an obvious double standard of applying it on the basis of commitment to the American interests.

24 Jul 2014

In defense of Korea, and beyond the reverse-racism frustration

I sincerely wish to be your friend from a better version of Korea, which I firmly believe that it is becoming one. So I ask for more trust in this country, not all-too-common criticisms on the worse version of it.

11 Jul 2014

Seoul, the Next Fictional Battlefield

Now the US wants to “pivot” back to Asia. Sorry, but Asia has changed during your absence.


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